The program at Friends Child Care Center is based on active learning: developmentally appropriate activities that facilitate and enhance social, emotional cognitive and large and small muscle development, by age and individual readiness in an environment that provides loving support and intellectual stimulation. The primary emphasis is on social development and learning through active play. Friends Child Care Center supports parenting by enabling children to grow and learn in a safe, stimulating, loving environment.

In particular:

  • We are committed to teaching non violence, seeking peaceful resolution of all conflict and to respecting every person as an entitlement of life.
  • We believe in love, laughter and learning.
  • We believe in providing a rich curriculum that gives children choices and is based upon their interests.
  • We believe that every child should feel loved, capable and special.
  • We believe that every child has unique learning needs and it is our job to meet those needs.
  • We believe that the parents of children enrolled in our program are our partners.
  • We believe that our program should be a safe, inviting place for children.
  • We believe that every child should feel proud of his/her religious, racial and cultural heritage.
  • We believe that every child should learn to respect diversity and to honor differences.
  • We believe that if every child feels loved and capable, she/he will become a well-rounded, capable adult.