FCCC Overview

Friends Child Care Center provides a stimulating learning environment for young children that encourage them to be caring, curious, responsible human beings. Our staff of dedicated, well trained and caring individuals promote physical, social and intellectual growth in children while fostering the development of self-reliance and independence.


Friends Child Care Center has 84 children currently enrolled. Families either live or work in the surrounding Center City Philadelphia area and our population reflects racial, cultural and socio-economic diversity of our urban community. Children leave our preschool program competent and prepared; FCCC alumni attend Quaker schools, independent, charter and public schools.







Gwendolyn Bye, owner of Gwendolyn Bye Dancefusion in University City, teaches creative movement weekly to our 2 to 3 year olds. Click on the logo to visit their website.


Maureen Heil, Yoga Child instructor, teaches yoga weekly to our 1-5 year olds.

Yoga and Mindfulness for Schools – Trainings and Support for Educators. You may be wondering exactly how the very smallest of our friends at Friends Center practice Yoga?  My answer is-with eagerness to learn and a curious smile on their little faces. With the young toddlers, the most important thing is to pique their curiousity. By being very animated, playing songs from the Yogachild CD, their Teacher Maureen shows them postures, demonstrates breath techniques, and assists them into postures. Especially for the youngest, an assist can help develop a muscle memory of just how good a pose feels. There is nothing more adorable when she asks the to do “London Bridge” and they rise up off the ground with a smile!  At the end of class, it is important for them to rest, in what is called ‘ Savasana’. This gives the poses and breath time to integrate. No more that a minute for year of age, this is a time all their own that they really enjoy.


Jill Van Balen, teaches Spanish weekly to our 2-5 year olds.

Jill Van Balen is from suburban Philadelphia but spent the last 40 years living in Venezuela. From 1993 to 2010, she gave bible classes in Spanish to children in missions. In recent years, Jill gave childrens’ bible classes in Spanish to family and neighbors of a police prisoner. Her grandson, Schyler, who is in our Triangle class, enjoys sharing his grandmother with his friends.


Emily Bate, All Around this World Music Class/Global Music for Families

Emily Bate is an early childhood music teacher & performer. With extensive training in the Orff Schulwerk method of teaching, Emily focuses on teaching fundamental musical skills like rhythm, vocal development, and kinesthetic awareness by engaging children’s creativity. Emily is also the guitarist for kid-rock band The Cat’s Pajamas, and brings her many years of performance experience into the classroom to create unique, high-energy music classes.