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Quads - Preschool

$55.00 Application Fee

About the Classroom

The Quads are our oldest classroom, with students who are preparing to transition to K-12 grade learning. The Quardss starts your child’s journey into a cooperative learning environment where they can discover interests and learn in a more structured setting.

Your Teachers

Cordella has worked at FCCC since 1992. She has spent a good deal of her time heading up the Puddle Jumper classroom. She loves providing children with a variety of creative experiences that include drama and music.

Cordella Young

Cordella Young


I started my career at FCCC in June of 1999 as a substitute teacher. I began working part time in the Puddle Jumper classroom. While working in the Puddle Jumpers, I decided to further my Early Childhood Education, by attending classes to receive my Child Development Associate. I became a full time employee and began working in the Triangle class for a few years. I am currently working in the Quads Classroom as an Assistant Teacher.

Mashea (Missy) Banks


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